The Digital Development Strategic Network (DigDev) an ESRC-GCRF funded project meets for its second workshop, this time at the University of Sheffield on March 21-22

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Leading researchers and practitioners from information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D), Data Science and participatory practice will come to the University of Sheffield for two days to present and discuss their research progress across the four themes that constitute the GCRF DigDev research agenda. The themes are: ‘Big Data, small data & Data Science to inform progress towards the SDGs’ to ‘Participation and value-based design of socio-technological innovation’; and from ‘Citizen Participation, Data Science, ICT for peace building’ to ‘Youth participation and innovative digital methods. In each area, the network’s cutting-edge research is co-lead by theme convenors from the global North and South.

The DigDev network is hosted by the Sheffield Institute for International Development’s Digital Technologies, Data and Innovation” (DDI) theme, and is led by Professor Dorothea Kleine. DigDev unites 29 academics from 10 different countries and it is funded by the Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

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